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Itoplas is born thanks to the union of several highly experienced profesionals in the sector, set out to do things in a different, optimal way, breaking new ground with cutting-edge technology and the environment always in mind.

Itoplas is an engineering company that, while it develops projects for other fields, is specialized in the plastic injection sector. Starting from wide experience and its own technology, it has managed to stablish itself in a market as difficult as the european, designing and manufacturing machines, moulds, automation systems and energy savings kits.

What sets Itoplas apart from the rest of engineering companies is its reverse development process, which let us design the machine starting from the electronics, not the mechanics. This can be achieved thanks to the global knowledge of the machine morphology of our engineers, reaching an absolute control with the minimal cost.

Itoplas offers absolute collaboration and implication on our customer's projects, helping the industry with advanced solutions and the latest technology, with competitive, adjusted prices.

Since Itoplas is not just a manufacturer or a distributor, it has the ability to make any changes required by the customer both in the machine and the software for the electronic controller itoControl, developed entirely in Spain. Furthermore, Itoplas can use its extensive experience in turnkey projects to help you design your own entire production plant.

Remember, to invest in Itoplas Engineering is to invest in innovation.

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