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Moulds and Machines

Our work on Engineering and Development is focused on the plastics injection sector and its multiple fields, designing plastic parts, moulds to shape them, machines to inject them and all the necessary peripherals to handle any extra manipulation, keeping always in mind both the energetic and the economical costs of the systems, adapting and balancing them to achieve an ideal amortization.

We develop a complete turnkey system, with the commitment to satisfy the settled requirements on quality, production and costs.


Spare parts and software updates guaranteed for life and under contract!

injection machine
(Itoplas Injection Machine)
injection machine
(Standard Mould)

Energy Savings

One of our most successful technologies is the itoSave system, developed together with our partner Inovance, one of the most important companies in the Asian region, manufacturer of prime quality products in the servomotor field.

The itoSave system is mainly designed for retrofitting of machines already present in the market, specially big machines, since they have bigger motors and higher consumption, therefore resulting more spectacular and faster amortizations.


We are working on extensive deployments for renowned companies such as Reydel Automotive, TRW, Bitron, Coraplax, Contenur, Plasticos Urteta, and so on, achieving energy savings between 40% and 75%, depending on the original hydraulic system installed on the machine,

kit itoSave
(Energy savings itoSave kit)

PVC Injection Without Sprue

The itoGate patented system, for PVC fitting, allows injection of PVC parts, its release and ejection without sprue, avoiding the necessary post-processing always associated with this sort of pieces, achieving a quality control and efficiency of 100%. This also avoids flashing problems and the chance of weakening the part around the gate.


We have developed injection machines specialized on PVC fitting (figure T) parts up to 400mm diameter for customers like Coraplax, leading company in the sector.

(Set of PVC parts injected without sprue)

Electronic Controller Systems

Itoplas has developed an i4000 controller, with more than 800 units working on IMM (Injection Moulding Machines) at present in the market. Currently on the latest stages of development, the ito5000 system brings in new technology, allowing the user to connect to the machine through a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with support for a browser, in addition to the standard mode (15,6" touchscreen).


We develop our software and hardware to behave like a single, big project, each part working in perfect synchronism to each other.

(Screenshots: ito5000 electronic controller)

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