itoBarrel (Injected-Welded Drums)

Drums from 20 to 200 liters, manufactured through plastic injection

Itoplas Engineering presents a new technology to manufacture drums injected and welded through a single process

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Resistance to impacts and falls

These drums are not dented by light falls, as opposed to the metallic ones. If they suffer an impact, the plastic drum reverts to its old shape, unlike a metallic one, which stays dented. The itoBarrel 200l drums have passed every fall tests from 2 to 5m while filled with liquid.

Plastic-made drums

As a means to achieve a proper resistance to impacts, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), both copolymers, can be used indistinctly. Since they're plastic material, any kind of drum oxidation is avoided, as contrary to traditional metallic drums.

Manufactured by injection

One of the advantages of using the injection process as an alternative to the blowing process is the use of cheaper resins with excellent physical properties, which improve the stress-cracking resistance in comparison to lubricant oils. The injection increases resistance to compresion because it achieves uniform thickness in the drum's manufacturing and a high quality finish in shiny surfaces. From an aesthetically perspective, the drum can be customized with different colors.

Innovation in the manufacturing of buckets, barrels and drums with Injected-Welded technology

Savings in transportation costs

Injected-Welded drums weight less than metallic ones, therefore reducing transportation expenses and CO2 emissions.

Oil and agrochemical packing

This drums are designed to transport alimentary products, agrochemical products, lubrication oils and chemical products - with the exception of solvents -. In the case of hydrocarbons, while they can be used, the used polyolefins must be modified with some resin barrier to avoid migration.

Productive unit installation

Itoplas Engineering provides the productive unit to manufacture this drums from 20l to 200l. Itoplas engineers customize the drum design and adapt them to the customer requirements. The drums can even be designed with a cap ready for bag-in-box use.


Resistance tests

In the following video you can find some of the multiple and strict resistance tests performed on the itoBarrel drums