itoControl (Electronic Controller Systems)

Maximum precision and efficiency with an intuitive interface.

Itoplas designs and develops its controller systems with the user always in mind

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High precision

The itoControl systems have one of the highest precisions in the market, allowing the machine to have faster cycles, squeezing its capability and subjecting its components to less stress, reducing the need for maintenance tasks.


Thanks to the itoControl systems connectivity its possible to gain access to the injection machine panel from any device with internet conection, allowing full control of the production and the ability to make adjustments in any machine of the production plant from a main computer, without the need to walk over to each machine.

Repetitive cycles

The precision and sheer amount of options in our electronic controllers allow repetitive cycles with high accuracy. This means the ability easily make cost estimates for production duration and material expenditure.

Custom made

itoControl has been designed through our experience in the field, with the needs of the user always in mind. Furthermore, it is open to additional adaptation by our team of engineers at any given time, meeting any needs the customer may have.

Fully modular

Our controllers are designed to be installed in a modular manner. This way the machine will only have the components that are going to be used, decreasing the buying cost and therefore repair expenses. Additionally, all modules and replacements have been unified for every machine, no matter what brand, ensuring uniformity in the working methods of your employees.

Maximum precision and control over your injection machine

The itoControl Electronic Controller Systems are the culmination of years of experience and development focused to the plastics industry and, in particular, to the technology behind injection machines. The software is designed with the needs of the operator always in mind, and the objective of easing the interaction with the machine and to build an intuitive work environment.

By using the itoControl controllers a machine can be transformed to work with a superior precision, efficiency and security, allowing non-european machines to achieve quality standards required by customers in the EU.

Thanks to the fact that the software has been fully developed in Spain, and that its hardware components have been designed almost totally by our spanish engineers, standards are guaranteed, allowing us to ensure lifetime replacements. Thanks to our engineering team, continuously dedicated to improve the features of our systems, we can always provide a solution to any problem or need that might arise during the use of one of our controllers.


A new generation of controllers

The development of itoControl controllers for injection machines and injection processes is one of the best assets Itoplas has against its rivals. Our i4000 controlles has more than 800 units in the market currently working on injection machines.

In 2017, Itoplas has finished development on the new ito5000 system, which brings in new technology, allowing the user to connect to the machine through a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with support for a browser, in addition to the standard mode (15,6" touchscreen). Any of these methods can work as a data input which can interact with the machine by reading parameters, changing them, displaying graphs, etc.

The great advantage of our technology lies in the sum of its applications and development applied to machines and processes, all of them controlled by our high-precission electronic systems, possessing in-house technology in the development of both the hardware and the software, allowing them to behave like a single, big project, each part working in perfect synchronism to each other.

This, along with a new and cleaner, stylish interface that lets the user monitor at any given moment the machine status clearly and accurately by the use of graphs and diagrams updated in real time, puts the itoControl controllers at the forefront of technology for injection machines.