itoGate (Fitting PVC Without Sprue)

Injection moulds without sprue for PVC.

Increase your quality and productivity. Save time and costs.

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Ejection without sprue

One of Itoplas' new technologies is the itoGate patented system for PVC fitting. This system allows injection of PVC parts, it's release and ejection without sprue, saving the necessary post-processing always associated with this kind of parts, achieving a quality control and efficiency of 100%. This also avoids flashing problems and the chance of weakening the part around the gate. In addition, these are high-production moulds, making possible to achieve big quantities in relatively short times.

Specialists in PVC fitting

For the PVC Fitting field, we have developed injection machines specialized on PVC fitting (figure T) parts up to 400mm diameter. A technology currently being used by customers like Coraplax, leading company in the sector.

Column extraction

Also for the PVC and fitting market, we have developed the automatic column extraction system, assembly of the mould in the machines plates and later assembly in the column automatically for very large moulds. With this system it is possible to have the machine ready for production with a superior balance or adjustment to the piece, therefore the assembly and dissassembly times are shortened. In the case of smaller machines, the consumption and amortization are tighter, influencing all this factors in the making of much more competitive pieces in our machines and with our technology.