itoMoulds (Injection moulds)

Design and manufacturing of moulds for injection machines.

Technology and Experience comitted to the engineering and manufacturing of moulds

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3D Design of the part

The engineering team at Itoplas develops, first of all, a 3D sketch of the product that is to be produced from the information provided by the customer, be it from some particular measurements or even a bussiness idea, providing personalized advice over the avaliable options in each case.

3D Printing of a prototype

Once the 3D model is finished, Itoplas has avaliable a printing service for the plastic part, which can be used to gauge physically the product that is to be injected. This way, the customer has access to another point of view to make sure of obtaining the part just the way it needs to be.

Optimized mould design

Thanks to our wide experience in the sector, not just in the mould manufacturing field, but also on the development of machines and injection systems, we design our moulds in an optimal way, under the premise of always achieving the maximum savings in maintenance hours and cycle times for our customers.

Manufacturing the mould

Itoplas is directly involved in the mould manufacturing stage, ensuring the highest quality standards demanded by Itoplas in all its products. Every stage of the process is controlled and monitored by our engineers and mould makers, allowing to make any changes or adjustments at any given moment according to the customer requirements.

High quality steels and processes

The steels used for our moulds' manufacturing are of the highest quality, ensuring the necessary resistance and performance to comfortably meet the required production for each project.

We shape your idea with moulds customized to your needs

itoMoulds, Itoplas' moulds technical department, has applied its technology and experience in mould manufacturing and engineering to provide its customers moulds of the most varied technologies. Designed in its technical offices and manufactured in its associated workshops in Portugal, China and/or Spain.

Thanks to its various production centers, Itoplas can manage complex projects composed of a high number of moulds, by splitting up production between its associated workshops. This way can be achieved adjusted prices and delivery times impossible to obtain with other systems, with the added advantage for the customer of having a single contact coordinating the whole project. All of this makes possible to obtain moulds in really tight deadlines, with a defined quality and the best prices on the market.

The goal is clear for Itoplas: to make moulds customized to the series needed by the customer, with optimal production cycles and a price always adjusted to the needs of the project.

Itoplas has its I+D center in Barcelona, where the preliminary draft of the mould is designed for its later review by the customer. Once accepted, the mould's manufacturing process begins. After that, an ongoing monitoring of every manufacturing stage is made to ensure the quality of the steels.

Our engineeering company has manufactured moulds for sectors as demanding as the automotive field, white line, packaging, PVC fitting, etc. Making moulds of up to 120 tons.


iPrinter (3D Printing)

Itoplas engineers help the customer with the final design of the part, assisting in the industrialization of the product. In order to do that they use the latest technologies and the best suited informatic software for the 3D design of the part. The customer will then have the chance to see the rendered product and have a quick overview of its final look. Furthermore, by using the 3D printers of Itoplas Engineering it is possible to make a real prototype.