itoSave (Energy Saving Servomotor Kit)

Up to 80% energy savings

The itoSave kit achieves better performances by replacing the traditional motors and hydraulic pumps with servomotors and more efficient hydraulic pumps

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Tailored itoSave kits

Itoplas makes a preliminary study for the adaptation of the itoSave system to your press, blowing machine, injection machine, extruder or any other machine with hydraulic pumps and proportionals, determining most suitable driver model and servomotor for your production requirements. We decrease the energy consumption, both active and reactive, by removing from the machine the electrical motors, pumps, hydraulic pressure blocks and pumps with proportionals.

Removal of the proportionals

The itoSave servomotor system controls the pressure and oil flow in close ring, without the need for proportional valves for its regulation. Besides, this method ensures that when the hydraulic oil is at different temperatures, the machine will always have the same cycle velocities, resulting in more stable machines with constant cycles and an increase in quality control.

Lesser oil degradation

The itoSave servomotor technology uses only the necessary oil for each movement. One of the direct advantages of this optimization is the reduction on maintenance costs, since the lifespan for the oil, filters and hydraulic elements is extended. Cylinder gaskets and seals are some of the other elements that suffer a lesser wear.

Reduced water consumption

The itoSave servomotors have the advantage of heating less the hydraulic oil, and as a direct consequence there is a reduction in water consumption and savings in heat energy.

Less ambient noise

The servomotors incorporated by Itoplas in its itoSave kits have a low noise level. Even when the machine is working at full load, the itoSave dynamic components never exceed 75dB.

Increase in productivity

High torque, a variety in control modes and high efficiency are some of the advantages provided by Itoplas Energy Saving Servomotor Kit to get stable machines with repetitive cycles.

The itoSave Energy Saving Servomotor Kits manufactured by Itoplas can be installed in any kind of industrial hydraulic machine, ensuring stable cycles and energy savings up to 80%

Energy savings

For Itoplas Engineering it is equally important to ensure and increase the stability of the machine on all its working stages than to achieve maximum energy savings, specially because thanks to that the system stands out from other alternatives such as frequency / velocity converters.

Energetic study without compromise

To accurately ensure the amount of energy savings you will obtain with our itoSave kit, Itoplas makes energetic studies of your machine without compromise. Below we will explain a real case for a plastic injection machine and all the necessary information Itoplas requires to conduct its study.

  • Number of pumps installed on the injection machine
  • Number of motors
  • Number of independent circuits
  • Pressure in the circuit of each pump
  • Cubic centimeters of each pump
  • Revolutions per minute (RPM) of the motor
  • Voltage and frequency of the job

Using this information, Itoplas engineers will determine the number of servomotors and drivers needed using an optimization software that will analyze all possible existing combinations, giving as a result the alternative with the best relation between the investment required and the energy savings that will be obtained.

To be able to analyze the profitability of the reformation of an injection machine with the installation of Itoplas servomotors, it is fundamental to know at the very least the following information:

  • Time of a complete cycle at which the machine is working.
  • Post-pressure or second pressure time.
  • Charge time
  • Cooling time

The Energy Saving Servomotor Kit of Itoplas, during the final pressure and cooling stages is when most energy savings achieve, with a decrease in consumption of up to 80%.

Mould Closing
Mould Opening
Energy consumption (%)
  • Motor with fixed flow pump
  • Motor with variable displacement pump
  • itoSave kit

If we use the previous graph as a representative guide and we set the complete cycle time to 21 sec., the cooling time to 6 sec, post-pressure time to 5.25 sec and charge time to 3.75 sec. we get that the reformation of an injection machine with servomotors provides energy savings of 26% compared to a machine with a variable displacement pump, and of 53% compared to a machine with fixed flow pump. If the post-pressure and cooling times increase, the savings margin increases proportionally.

Success stories

Our customers benefit already from the advantages of the iSAVE system

Reasons to purchase the itoSave Energy Saving Servomotor Kit

Great energy savings

Up to 80%

Reduction in maintenance

Elements are stressed less and proportionals are not used

Less oil heating

Drastic reduction in oil refrigeration consumption.

Noise reduction

Peaks of 75db max., 10db less than the recommended levels.